Freehand Painter

Freehand Painter 0.7

Create artistic works through the simulation of colored brushstrokes

Freehand Painter is a simple yet powerful graphic editor oriented to create artistic works based on vector graphics by simulating brushstrokes of different thicknesses and colors. The program was thought to give expression to your ideas by using your fingers, for which it turns out to be especially useful to have a touch screen at your disposal.

The program's main window is fairly attractive and intuitive, and allows you to start drawing and painting as soon as you run it. It provides you with a big blank area that acts as a canvas, and also with two basic tools – a brush and an eraser. For the brush, you can select the color, the thickness, and the level of transparency all in a visual way – all of which you can change later at any moment –, and you can start painting by dragging the mouse over the canvas area, or using your fingers in case you have a touch screen. As for the eraser tool, however, you can only change its thickness. The erasing color will always be white.

The color for the brush tool can be easily selected thanks to a predefined set of colors made available at the bottom of the working area, which includes a good variety of tonalities. However, you can click on a special symbol to get access to the standard Windows color selection dialog, and thus obtain the exact color you want to include in your work. Every brushstroke you add to your work is considered as an individual "linear" element, for which the program creates a vector-based graphic.

As for the eraser, you can select between "Eraser" and "Stroke Eraser". The first one allows you to select the desired thickness with which to clear the work area as you drag your mouse or finger over it, while the second method allows you to delete entire brushstrokes by simply clicking on any part of them. Besides all of that, the program also allows you to select individual elements (brush strokes) or all of them at once in order to delete, copy, and paste them, clear all your work area with one click, or undo or redo the last actions performed on the selected items.

Finally, the program also allows you to work in "Full Screen" mode – which extends the canvas area to the entire screen – and return to normal mode very easily. In addition, this program natively saves your work as ISF (Ink Serialized Format) files, but you are allowed to export your work of art to some of the most popular graphic formats, such as PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF. And all of that for free!

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple but powerful user interface
  • Allows you to export your work to some of the most popular graphic formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF
  • Allows you to select any color available on your system to be part of your work
  • Allows you to toggle between Full Screen and Normal modes
  • Allows you to clear your entire working area with one click


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